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There’s no better way to understand a market than by really 
immersing in a community of end users. With a vibrant and growing tech community looking for innovative solutions that will help make their operations more profitable, Indiana offers the opportunity for greater collaboration with key partners in the industry.  Indiana is prime for disruption from new technologies, solutions and visionary founders. 

From global giants to local startups, tech businesses are thriving in Indiana and pulling from our deep pool of highly educated, highly trained talent. They’re also attracting top national talent with a high standard of living made possible by incredible affordability. Join us with your next game-changing ideas and build the future for your tech company in Indiana.

How can we help?

Whether you’re starting up or expanding… Indiana offers the perfect environment for exploration, experimentation and research. Connect with one of our business development experts and be a part of solving the globe’s most important challenges in a state that works.

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Brock Herr
Matt Saltanovitz,
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