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Creativity and inspiration run deep through our state, and we want to share that with the world. As such, we’re committed to investing in the creative economy.

Indiana’s Film and Media Tax Credit offers an income tax credit up to 30%, that can be applied to offset certain production expenses. Eligible productions include feature length films, including independent or studio production, or a documentary; a television episodic series, program, or feature; music productions; digital media productions that are intended for reasonable commercial exploitation. The credit offers a 20% base incentive on qualified expenditures, 5% additional incentive for hiring our local talent and a 5% additional incentive when you include Indiana branding in your final project.  We are ready to welcome partners in and out of the state who are enthusiastic about producing their projects in Indiana and contributing to the growth of our existing robust film and media ecosystem. 

The credit is available to qualified media productions that incur qualified production expenses. Applications will be evaluated by the IEDC on their individual merits and only those projects that the IEDC expects to have a positive return on investment will be considered. At a minimum, projects must be financially viable, have positive economic ramifications for the state and must be completed within two years of being approved. 

Additionally, accommodation stays of thirty consecutive days or more may be exempt from the County Innkeeper’s Tax. County specific information can be found in Indiana Code § 6-9. General information about the tax and exemption can be found on the Indiana Department of Revenue’s website.

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“The thing about (the movie) Hoosiers is that 90 percent or more of the crew and cast were from Indiana. Together, we were almost on a mission, not just to make this movie because things were tough and it was two Indiana guys trying to make the film, but the movie itself was about Indiana. This was about community, about identity. It was about a sense of place and a sense of who they all were and how they were gonna be seen in the world” - Angelo Pizzo, Writer/Director, Hoosiers