May 12, 2022

RFP Release Seeking Professional Services to Conduct An Intermodal Transportation Study

The IEDC is releasing an RFP seeking professional services to conduct an Intermodal Transportation Study that includes analysis and recommendations for creating light manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and logistics districts in Gary, Indiana.


The IEDC received funding from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) through an act by the Indiana General Assembly (Public Law 165-2021) to fund the Intermodal Transportation Study. This study will be conducted in four phases over a 12-month period.  Below is a high-level overview of each phase.


Phase I: Landscape Analysis of Existing Studies and Plans: This phase will focus on background research by analyzing existing studies and plans around further development of Buffington Harbor, Gary and its surrounding regions. The vendor will be responsible for analyzing the required materials listed below and identifying and analyzing other additional existing studies and plans related to development at Buffington Harbor and Gary.

Phase II: Buffington Harbor & Gary Region Site Assessment/Economic Development Analysis: This phase will focus on a current site evaluation and assessment of Buffington Harbor and the Gary region.

Phase III: Intermodal Market Analysis: This phase will focus on a four-part intermodal analysis of each transportation mode (air, rail, truck, and maritime) and how they converge and could contribute to Buffington Harbor and the Gary region.

Phase IV: Final Report, Analysis & Recommendations: This phase will be the culmination of the previous phases and will result in a final report, analysis and recommendations. The final report should include concept development and an action plan that outlines next steps for the State.


Resultant is managing the RFP process on behalf of the IEDC. The RFP package can be found here: IEDC Intermodal Study RFP.


All vendors interested in submitting a proposal should email an Intent to Respond to Will Ziegert at by 11:59pm EDT on May 20, 2022. Submitting a question will count as an Intent to Respond. Failure to submit an Intent to Respond does not bar any prospective respondent from submitting a proposal for consideration by the Submission Deadline, however future communications regarding this RFP, including any potential amendments, will only be emailed to prospective respondents who submit an Intent to Respond or submit a question.


All questions should be submitted in the Excel document titled “IEDC Intermodal Study RFP Q&A Template” which is included in the RFP package. Please email the Excel document as an attachment to Will Ziegert at by 11:59pm EDT on May 20, 2022.


The RFP submissions are due to Will Ziegert at by 11:59pm EDT on Monday, June 13, 2022