Dec 21, 2023

Highlighting The IEDC's Great Lakes Expertise

The IEDC has appointed Jonathan Laramy as the Great Lakes business expansion specialist based in the Chicago market. In this role, Laramy represents the IEDC by fostering relationships with prospective partners, advocating the "Why Indiana" narrative, proactively enhancing brand recognition to attract business interest in Indiana and strategically elevating the state's profile within the Great Lakes market to secure cutting edge investments.


Laramy offers the IEDC his expansive experience in recurring revenue models, data-driven sales processes, customer success, brand positioning, vertical marketing, sales training and solution consulting. He is the founder of Stealth Mode Solutions, a consulting firm dedicated to developing and executing sales and marketing programs aimed at increasing client’s revenue and profitability. Laramy also leads various efforts for several organizations in the technology, transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing and clean energy industries.



At the IEDC, Laramy focuses on increasing investment and innovation opportunities with Great Lakes-based companies, which include Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as domestic and international companies active in the Chicago market. His work will advance Indiana's future-focused sectors, including tech, life sciences, semiconductor design and fabrication, energy, as well as R&D and supply chains.

Great Lakes-based companies have committed to expanding or relocating to Indiana, investing nearly $6.5 billion in the state in the past year. This includes announcements from industry innovators like General Motors LLC and Nhanced Semiconductors Inc. Laramy’s location in Chicago is strategically positioned to enhance business for Indiana’s economy. Chicago seems to have a very high concentration of business deals done through consultants, which is an extra benefit.

So what’s special about investing in Indiana businesses? Laramy expects to answer that question often. 

“‘Why Indiana?’ is the ultimate question,” Laramy said. “Clearly, it's a great place to start a business, according to statistics and facts. But what sets Indiana apart and takes it to the next level is that the state cares about the quality of life for its citizens. Other states may say they genuinely care, but Indiana puts that into action. The state’s commitment to growing its economy overall is unmatched from what I've seen, and folks here genuinely want to help. That’s what makes Indiana’s culture unique.”

In recent years, the Hoosier state has sharpened its focus and increased its investment into Indiana entrepreneurs.

“It’s incredible what the state has put together in empowering entrepreneurs and business people, and how the IEDC has provided tools,” Laramy said. “It is a testament to how great Indiana is to do business. Being in Chicago, I am familiar with Illinois’ economic development, but there is something special about Indiana and why people are drawn to the state as an ideal place to start or move their businesses.”

Laramy sees Indiana as a Midwestern treasure. “Indiana’s not necessarily a hidden gem because it is obvious what makes it a great state. Especially with the new, bold branding, Indiana embraces its humility as a positive characteristic. Having humility and intentionally highlighting it—now that is being bold,” he said. 

Looking ahead at innovations for the state, Laramy said he is focusing on securing high-tech, forward-thinking investments.  

“We plan to continue meeting with entrepreneurs and businesses that are building the strong economies of the future,” he said. “I’m also working to increase development by working with big corporations that would fit part of the state’s strategic 5E mission, especially expanding Indiana’s workforce. All in all, we are looking forward to building upon the great foundation already working in the state.”