Sep 20, 2021

A Bloomberg Report: The New Tech Belt

A legacy of innovation continues Indiana’s rich agricultural history serves as the launching pad for its bioscience ingenuity and leadership. That same steely resolve of 19th-century settlers who migrated in search of land and opportunity still exists in the high-tech roles of researchers, biologists and software developers who call Indiana home.

Perhaps no other state in the nation has been as successful as Indiana in connecting legacy industries with cutting-edge technology sectors. This combination has kept Indiana an American breadwinner, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state’s digital agriculture platforms and innovations — underwritten by its renowned universities — play to its strengths and the country’s needs. Resilient technology helps farmers and grows jobs, which stabilizes the economy while continuing to support innovation, and creativity.

Yet there’s still room for more investment, innovations and settlers in search of opportunity. Indiana’s farmers will likely need to economize in the coming months and even years. This focus on efficiency means they will need platforms and services to improve operations via digitalization. In response, the state stands ready as a strategic connector with a track record of creative, tailored partnership opportunities for companies looking to relocate and do business within its borders.

The possibilities for agricultural innovation today are as numerous as the uses of the simple corn kernel in the 19th century, which early settlers manipulated in every way possible, from pounding it into powder to make bread to distilling it for sweet whiskey.

Much has changed since then. Labeling the industry simply as “agriculture” no longer is an accurate depiction. Today’s farmers are mastering cloud biology, plant genetics, crop protection systems and Big Data to better control profits and outputs. The advancements are resulting in the use of fewer chemicals and less water, providing consumers with healthy, clean and nutritional options.

“Agbioscience” now best describes the industry because Indiana’s agriculture sector is at the nexus of scientific innovation. The increased growth forecast through 2021 promises to bring more companies and high-wage jobs to this accelerating subsector. Put another way, the harvest is plentiful in Indiana.