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IEDC_0014_15 - Informaton Technology
Information Technology (IT)

Indiana is leading a transformation in the Midwest as a Tech Belt state, with an impressive portfolio of tech companies emerging in Central Indiana. According to a recent Techpoint survey, “since 2007, 12 tech community companies in Central Indiana have either been acquired or have gone public, generating $4.5 billion in market value and creating more than 3,700 Indiana jobs.” 


Purdue University was recently ranked 16th worldwide for university-issued patents, among institutions like Harvard and Cal-Tech, and is home to more supercomputing capacity than any other U.S. campus, with three of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. With the launch of Indiana University’s Internet2 collaborative effort to bring nationwide research and education network online, Indiana is helping to power the data that will deliver the next wave of innovation to the global marketplace.


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