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Economic Data
Need to take a closer look at the numbers?  These sources can get you the data and stats you need for Indiana locations, workforce, RFIs and economic growth.

Hoosier Energy Workers Comp Estimator 

The Hoosier Energy Workers Comp Estimator will help you find your company’s workers compensation tax amount.

Click here for more.

Hoosiers by the Numbers 

Hoosiers by the Numbers is your source for workforce data from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.  

Click here for more.

Request for Information Data Assistant

Request for Information Data Assistant is dedicated to economic developers throughout Indiana who need to get data fast when responding to RFIs (requests for information) from site locators or businesses.  

Click here for more.


StateBook is the first online marketplace for site selection and economic growth and development.  

Click here for more.

STATS Indiana 

STATS Indiana provides easy, one-stop access to critical statistics for states, counties, cities and towns, townships, regions, census tracts and more. 

Click here for more.