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Aug 07, 2017

IT Luggage

 IT Luggage, a global manufacturer and distributor of luggage products, announced plans to locate its U.S. headquarters in Greenwood, expanding Indiana's network of growing international companies. 

"As a destination for international job creation, Indiana provides the ideal U.S. home for IT Luggage and the many other U.K. -based companies that do business here today," said Jim Schellinger, Indiana Secretary of Commerce. "Today, international companies are responsible for supporting 170,800 jobs from companies based in the U.K - and we look forward to increasing these partnerships as we work to create even more jobs in Indiana."


The England-based company, which established a presence in central Indiana in 2003, will invest $1.78 million to renovate a 33,000-square-foot facility at 1760 Industrial Drive in Greenwood. The new space will officially serve as the company’s U.S. headquarters, and will house its U.S. corporate, finance, logistics and distribution operations. IT Luggage is now renovating its new facility, including expanding and resurfacing the parking lot, building a new docking area, installing a fence, repairing exterior masonry and renovating the office space, and plans to open its new facility this fall.

IT Luggage is the latest international company to pick Indiana for its U.S. operations. Governor Holcomb led an international jobs mission to the U.K. in December 2016 — his first international mission on behalf of the state — when he highlighted Indiana's more than 60 U.K.-based business facilities, which together employ 31,800 Hoosiers across the state. Out of all Midwest states, Indiana is home to the highest percentage of private sector jobs coming from foreign-owned firms.

“In choosing to remain in Indiana and locate in Greenwood, we will benefit from the growing and stable economy as well as a skilled workforce coupled with lower cost,” said Ken White, director and vice president of IT Luggage’s U.S. operations. “The site selection process was made significantly easier by the business-friendly environment and our dedicated team of employees.”

IT Luggage, which employs more than 235 associates around the world, including 25 in the U.S., plans to hire for customer service, finance, warehouse and logistics positions. IT Luggage plans to create up to 15 new jobs by 2021.