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Apr 12, 2017


INDIANAPOLIS - 250ok, an email analytics and deliverability platform for email marketing services, will expand operations in Indianapolis, contributing to the city's tech boom. As part of its growth, the company plans to create up to 53 new high-wage jobs by 2021, supporting the momentum of central Indiana’s high-tech community.

"Indiana's homegrown success in the tech industry is remarkable," said IEDC president Elaine Bedel. "We're now seeing repeated stories of Hoosiers who have worked through the ranks of our state's prominent tech success stories like ExactTarget who are now developing successful companies of their own. Here in Indiana, we are excited to see this momentum and are committed to continuing our efforts to build the best possible climate for these Hoosier innovators and entrepreneurs to find success."

The company, which is led by Greg Kraios, an early ExactTarget employee and a former email deliverability manager at the company, will invest $1.57 million to expand its operations on Indianapolis’ north side. The homegrown Hoosier tech firm has tripled its revenue annually since 2013, and to support its growth, the company plans to expand into a 3,500-square-foot space at 9247 N. Meridian St. this month. 250ok’s larger office, which is in the same building as its current office, will provide more space for the company’s quickly-growing team and add more space for standing desks, soft seating and a game room to promote a creative work environment.

Last month, Forbes ranked the Indianapolis region fifth in the nation on its list of cities creating the most tech jobs in 2017, with total employment at central Indiana tech companies like 250ok up 68 percent since 2006. To continue this robust growth, Governor Eric J. Holcomb has set an agenda that will take Indiana to the next level as a magnet for job creation. Indiana plans to accelerate its economic momentum across the state by making $1 billion available over the next 10 years help Indiana grow as the national capital of innovation and entrepreneurship.
"As the son of an immigrant factory worker whose company nearly shipped their jobs to Mexico, I have a deeply personal mission to continue pushing our state into the future,” said Kraios, founder and chief executive officer at 250ok. “Combining top-level talent, low operational overhead and financial support from the IEDC is a proven model for success, and 250ok is proud to be included in that movement."

250ok currently employs 15 full-time employees, including 10 in Indiana and five working remotely around the world. The company is currently hiring for marketing, technology, product and account management positions. These positions are expected to pay an average salary more than double the state average wage.