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Indiana Workforce 2.1


***No Longer Accepting Applications***

The IEDC is offering Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) assistance under a program called Workforce 2.1 for the purpose of training and providing job-specific certifications to current employees, prospective new hires, and students with plans to become employees. The grant may be provided to establish or develop training programs to fill a deficiency in the Indiana workforce. The IEDC has designated $1 million of SEF funds for the Workforce 2.1 program through the end of 2013. The IEDC will consider proposals from training providers until the $1 million is exhausted and intends to consider proposals beyond 2013 based on the program’s effectiveness.



Eligible expenses may include expenses associated with tuition-reduction or developing a specialized training program to fill a workforce deficiency.



Each proposal will be evaluated on its individual merits. See RFP for additional details.



Upon execution of a training grant contract with IEDC, the provider will be required to report certain information to the IEDC.


Workforce 2.1