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EB-5 Targeted Employment Areas

The IEDC is the state agency authorized to designate targeted employment areas (“TEAs”) in Indiana under the federal EB-5 visa program.  If you would like to pursue a TEA designation, please submit a letter of justification to the IEDC for review. Letters of justification must include the following information at a minimum:

  1. Contact Information (include both the name/address of person submitting the request and the name/address the requestor would like printed on the Designation Letter)
  2. Project Description (if applicable): Brief narrative of the project, including the address, name, and description of the business
  3. Proposed Area: 
    • Requestor must supply a list (in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel) of the Census Block Groups that make up the TEA—the information should be in the following format (Block Group 1, Census Tract 505, Whitley County, Indiana).
    • Requestor must supply a map of the proposed area. There are publicly-available mapping tools online that can be printed out and shaded in, unless the requestor has more sophisticated mapping software.
  4. Unemployment Rate: requestor must submit a contiguous aggregation of block groups with a weighted average unemployment rate of 7.95% or higher.  Note that we are using the BLS-recommended approach of rounding the unemployment rate to the hundredths.

The IEDC is using the unemployment data table found in the Downloads section on this page for TEA Designations. Please use the figures in this table in compiling your proposed TEAs. Note that we are no longer using STATS Indiana. The column headings in the table are:

  • FIPS (the unique 12-digit identifier for each block group in the country)
  • Geographic description
  • Number of people in the civilian labor force
  • Number of unemployed people
  • Number of employed people
  • Unemployment rate for each block group 

Please direct letters of justification to: 
Devin Hillsdon-Smith
Director, Interagency Affairs & Redevelopment

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