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Broadband Ready Communities Development Center
Broadband Ready Communities Development Center

The Broadband Ready Communities Development Center was created as a tool to encourage broadband development throughout Indiana by serving as an information resource and certifying local communities as being broadband ready. The Broadband Ready Communities Development Center is established by IC 5-28-28.5

Broadband Development Resources

The following websites are helpful resources for communities and telecommunications companies seeking to develop broadband infrastructure in Indiana:

Indiana Broadband Map 

Indiana Broadband Mapping Project 

Indiana Broadband Demographics 

Indiana Department of Transportation Utility Coordination 

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Permits 

Indiana Department of Environmental Management Permits

Local Government Contacts 

Permitting on Federal Land 

Broadband Ready Community Certification

The Broadband Ready Community certification sends a signal to the telecommunication industry that a community has taken steps to reduce barriers to broadband infrastructure investment. While investment in broadband infrastructure is not guaranteed to follow once a community obtains the certification, reducing the regulatory hurdles that deter investment is a key step towards creating an environment ripe for broadband investment.

A local unit of government will be certified as a Broadband Ready Community if it has established a broadband deployment procedure that complies with the statutory requirements listed in IC 5-28-28.5-7

Certified Broadband Ready Communities

The following local units of government have established the necessary procedures to be certified as Broadband Ready Communities. Click on each Broadband Ready Community below to view its certification letter, point of contact for broadband infrastructure projects, and established process.

1. Town of Nashville
2. City of Rushville
3.  Brown County
4.  Town of Richland City
5.  Town of Merrillville
6.  City of Boonville
7.  City of Vincennes
8.  City of Cannelton
9.  City of Muncie
10. City of MItchell

For more information on these communities, view the PDFs in the Additional Materials section.

Contact Us

Please direct inquires to:

Devin Hillsdon-Smith
Director, Interagency Affairs & Redevelopment