Regulatory Ombudsman

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation's regulatory ombudsman assists in the process of obtaining the permits and approvals necessary for a business operation. The ombudsman serves as a liaison between companies, communities, local economic development organizations and regulatory agencies.

The ombudsman assists both current and potential Indiana businesses with a variety of topics, including agency contacts and communication facilitation; license and permit requirements and applications; permit tracking; and regulatory compliance.

In addition, the ombudsman serves as a liaison between businesses and various state agencies, such as the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Department of Natural Resources; the Department of Transportation; the Department of Revenue; the Department of Workforce Development; and the Indiana Secretary of State. The ombudsman also serves on a variety of workgroups and task forces dealing with issues of importance to economic development in Indiana.

The regulatory ombudsman is also the Secretary of Commerce’s proxy on three state environmental rulemaking boards: The Air Pollution Control Board; the Water Pollution Control Board; and the Solid Waste Management Board.

Permitting Assistance

The ombudsman not only provides permit application assistance and tracking, but also establishes early communications with the technical staff of the regulatory agencies to ensure that permits are efficiently processed. This service is an effort to minimize the amount of time spent on regulatory compliance.

Contact the Indiana regulatory ombudsman with questions regarding obtaining the proper permits or maintaining compliance with the laws and regulations of the state of Indiana.

Pam Fisher
Regulatory Ombudsman


The state of Indiana provides an overview of Indiana business regulatory requirements that may involve state agencies.

Business Owner’s Guide to State Government

The Indiana Secretary of State provides a guide to aid in the formation of new entrepreneurial businesses. While not intended to take the place of legal counsel, the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in Indiana has been developed to enable entrepreneurs to understand certain corporate terms and to aid in the continuing existence of a business in Indiana.

Indiana Secretary of State

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management, through its Compliance and Technical Assistance Program, provides confidential assistance to Indiana businesses. Outreach efforts include conducting educational workshops, performing confidential site visits, providing confidential phone assistance and developing recognition programs, compliance assistance manuals and fact sheets.

Compliance and Technical Assistance Program

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), through its Permit Wizard, provides customized information to help businesses obtain the environmental permits necessary to start and operate an Indiana-based business.

IDEM Permit Wizard

The IDEM's Office of Pollution Prevention and Technical Assistance provides resources for source reduction, re-use, recycling and pollution prevention.

IDEM Office of Pollution Prevention

IDEM Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessment

The Indiana Small Business Guide to Environment, Safety and Health Regulations, created by IDEM, is designed to help small businesses understand and comply with regulations that apply to their operations. Although the average small business is not a major source of pollution, their aggregate impact on the environment can be significant. The guide describes how wastes may enter the environment, how to prevent them from doing so, and which remediation methods to use if contamination does occur.

Indiana Small Business Guide to Environmental, Safety and Health Regulations

The Indiana Department of Revenue provides valuable information for businesses through its New and Small Business Education Center. Find out what is needed to register a new business in the state of Indiana and how to change your business addresses, telephone numbers and contact names.

Indiana Department of Revenue

The Indiana Secretary of State’s Business Services Division provides helpful information such as how to choose a business form and how to understand certain corporate terms and conditions.

Indiana Secretary of State

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development offers services to employers such as job-matching programs, skills assessment and Work Opportunity Tax Credit information.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development