Indiana Certified Technology Parks


The Certified Technology Parks program was created as a tool to support the attraction and growth of high-technology business in Indiana and promote technology transfer opportunities. Designation as a Certified Tech Park allows for the local recapture of certain state and local tax revenue which can be invested in the development of the park.

The Certified Technology Park program is established by IC 36-7-32.


The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) has established the following requirements for approval of current and future applications for Certified Tech Park (CTP) status and grants from the Technology Development Grant Fund:

  • Submission of a viable business plan that establishes a clear strategy for long-term growth.
  • Demonstration that the designation of the CTP creates an opportunity to attract a specific high-tech business.
  • Agreement on behalf of the applicant that funds from the CTP's tax increment account and grants awarded from the Technology Development Grant Fund will be expended according to CTP guidelines and agreements.
  • Agreement on behalf of the applicant that IEDC may revoke the tax increment and recapture rights of the technology park in the event of noncompliance with any part of the agreements of the community, redevelopment commission, or any tenant of the park.
  • Evidence of local government financial participation in the establishment of the CTP.
  • An agreement with an Indiana institution of higher education whereby the institution makes a meaningful monetary or in kind contribution to the park.
  • Agreement between IEDC and the applicant regarding:
    • The types of businesses eligible to locate in the park; and
    • The types of businesses located within the park from which revenue may be recaptured for use within the park.

Calculation of Fund

Certified technology parks are allowed to capture a maximum of $5 million over the life of the park in incremental sales and income taxes.


Indiana Certified Technology Parks