Century and Half Century Awards

Thank you for your interest in the Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards program. Businesses that have provided Hoosiers with valuable products and services and steady employment for the last 50 to 100 years deserve our utmost respect.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) has restructured the Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards in order to continue the tradition of the program. Indiana companies that have been in operation for 50 to 99 years and meet program criteria are eligible for the Half Century Award and award winners will be recognized with a commemorative certificate.  Indiana companies that have been in operation for 100 years or more and meet program criteria are eligible for the Century Award. Award winners will receive a commemorative certificate and be recognized at a ceremony and dinner at the Indiana Historical Society. To apply for the Century or Half Century Award please click the link below.


Qualifying Criteria

  • Business must recognize, acknowledge and agree that they are in full compliance with the following agencies by signing the application: Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and the Department of Workforce Development. A business not in compliance with any one of these entities will not be eligible for recognition until the matter is resolved.
  • Business must have had continuous operations in Indiana for 50 or 100 years by December 31.
  • Applications must be complete to be eligible for recognition.
  • Involvement in the same type of business as when the company was founded. If different, an explanation of the evolution into the current business must be provided on the nomination form.
  • Located in the state of Indiana for base operations since the company was founded.
  • If ownership has shifted from the original founder, the nomination form must show chain of ownership from founder to present.
  • Not-for-profit corporations and hospitals are not eligible.
  • A company may only receive Century or Half Century business recognition from the State of Indiana and/or the Indiana Historical Society one time. Half Century Award recipients may later qualify for a Century Award.

Applications must be received by August 30th to be considered for the current calendar year.  Applications received after August 30th will be considered for the next calendar year.  Certificates will be administered as completed applications are processed.