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Jan 12, 2017

Green Circle Health

CARMEL - A Florida-based provider of health care management and wellness platforms chose Indiana as the location for its Client Services Center, creating up to 125 new jobs by 2022.

"Green Circle Health had its choice of many states to locate its new Client Services Center, but it chose Indiana for a reason," said Governor Eric Holcomb. "Over the last decade, Indiana has built the most affordable, growth-oriented business climate in the country. As a result, tech-enabled health firms like Green Circle Health are thriving in Indiana, taking full advantage of Hoosiers' education, skills and drive for innovation. It's only fitting that Green Circle Health joins this growing industry here in Indiana, and we welcome them."

Green Circle Health (GCH) will invest nearly $1 million to lease and furnish office space in Indiana over the next five years. The company opened an initial 1,000-square-foot office at 9640 Commerce Drive in Carmel on Jan. 1 and plans to expand its footprint as its Indiana team grows. Clinical professionals at the company’s Client Services Center will provide remote health care and coaching for GCH Platform users anywhere in the U.S., helping improve the coordination of care and treatment of chronic disease and illness. Through the tracking and analysis of users’ medical records and real-time health data, the GCH Platform is designed to help people use one platform to make informed decisions to lead healthier lives.
The company, which currently employs 25 full-time associates at locations across the country, is now hiring for specialized positions, including a chief medical officer, a data analytic consultant, a consulting physician, a nutritionist, wellness coaches, nurses and medical staff.
“It is essential in today’s modern, technologically-driven society that employees have greater control over their medical information and the best available support to become responsible consumers of health services,” said Dinesh Sheth, chief executive officer and founder of Green Circle Health. “To expand our business operations into Indiana is a powerful step for us in increasing customer relations and bringing jobs to local communities. Carmel and the state of Indiana have a thriving ecosystem to support information and medical technology-driven companies like Green Circle Health.”