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Aug 02, 2016


MERRILLVILLE - Polycon Industries, a manufacturer of plastic containers, will expand operations in Indiana, investing $15 million and creating up to 100 new jobs by the end of 2017.

"Indiana is a national center for manufacturing, with one in five Hoosiers working for companies like Polycon Industries,” said Governor Mike Pence. “That’s especially true in Northwest Indiana, as companies continue to cross the state line to expand in the land of low taxes, limited regulations and a pro-growth business climate. Today Polycon Industries is making a big investment in Indiana, continuing a trend of growth we see from companies across the state.”

The company will invest more than $15 million to construct and equip a 150,000-square-foot addition to its facility in Merrillville, which it shares with its parent company, Crown Packaging. Expanding the facility to cover a total of 325,000 square feet, this addition will allow Polycon Industries to increase production of blow-molded high density polyethylene stock and custom plastic containers for customers across the country.

Construction on the company’s expansion began last month, and operations in its new wing are set to begin in February 2017. Polycon Industries, which currently has more than 130 employees, plans to begin hiring skilled machine operators, processors and experienced mechanics in August.
“The economic strength and momentum of the state of Indiana and its commitment to the success of our business were the key factors in our decision to invest here,” said David Blitstein, vice president and general manager of Polycon. “With the help of a strong business climate at the state and local levels, we have the support we need to grow our business on an even larger scale.”

Founded in Chicago in 1969, Polycon Industries moved its operations to Merrillville in 2000. The company manufactures high-density polyethylene plastic bottles, which are used by the chemical, food and health care industries.