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Apr 04, 2014

Precision Economy

Indiana hasn’t been leading the nation in manufacturing job growth by accident. We have the resources and the will to create long-term solutions for business, and we’re deliberately building a precision economy that is balanced, efficient, and powerful.

It’s the reason we’re the only location in the U.S. with manufacturing plants from Honda, Toyota and Subaru inside a single state. It’s also the reason that after 100-year presence in the United States, Indiana is the largest manufacturing site for Rolls Royce civil aero engines outside the United Kingdom.

We’re bringing together the vision and the know-how to combine one of the world’s most productive steel regions with our geographic positioning near the logistical center of the United States. We’re using that combination to deliver the innovations of the 21st century to a new global marketplace.

How are we doing it? It’s simple. We’ve spent years balancing our budget, eliminating excess and red tape, and today we’re one of only a handful of U.S. states with a AAA credit rating and an actual budget surplus.

We’re investing in the infrastructure to keep us moving forward and maintaining our economic stability to keep business costs low, for a future that businesses can bank on.

We’re lowering business taxes this year, next year, and every year after that through 2021. We’re one of the top states for regulatory freedom, and we’re defining a new standard of opportunity for businesses to reach their full potential. But it’s more than just our rankings, our tax rates and our balance sheet.

We’re looking at ways to leverage partnerships with the private sector, and together we’re building a state that works for everyone at the table. It’s the reason that right now, we’re delivering the only new interstate project in the country as part of our pre-funded $10 billion major moves program. We’re also collaborating with national partners from the public and private sectors for a $2.3 billion Ohio River bridge partnership between Indiana and Kentucky, which is one of the largest transportation projects in the nation.




It’s about building a bridge between resources, with Indiana’s second-largest Fed-Ex air hub in the world, and the world’s largest UPS air hub in Louisville. It’s about adding direct air, highway, rail and waterborne access between resources to deliver one of the best connections between top-tier manufacturers and directly linked delivery networks you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

The bottom line is we’re building economic strength and momentum, and it’s propelling us on a trajectory toward growth and prosperity. Where do we go from here? You tell us, and we’ll get started laying the groundwork to make it happen. If you’re serious about making the most out of your business, we’re serious about bringing together the people, the resources and the freedom to succeed on your own terms, right here in A State that Works.