Information Technology

Indiana plays a leading role in developing technology initiatives within the Information Technology (IT) industry, maintaining a clear focus on building a strong information technology workforce.

Corporate Leaders 

ChaCha Sony Digital Audio
Hitachi ExactTarget
Hurco Companies, Inc. Interactive Intelligence



Indiana's fiber optic network is one of the best in the nation, and our Telecommunication Reform Act has resulted in major new investments in broadband and fiber optic networks across the state.

Indiana has a state tax exemption on patents for new technologies and processes. Under the law, qualified patents are tax exempt from a portion of the income derived from those patents.

Indiana also offers a state Research and Development tax credit, which provides an exemption to companies on the amount they paid in state sales taxes on research and development equipment. The credit applies to laboratory equipment, computers, computer software, telecommunications equipment or testing equipment.

Indiana's only statewide technology trade group, TechPoint promotes technology-based enterprise and economic development through lobbying and government advocacy, educational and networking programs, and strategic economic development initiatives. TechPoint seeks growth in Indiana's emerging technology clusters, including advanced manufacturing, logistics, health and life sciences, and information technology.